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  Reserve Personnel Management Division  
        Reserve Component Category Management Branch (RPM-1)
is responsible for boards, panels, promotions, advancements, retirements, resignations, discharges and separations for all Reserve Officers, Chief Warrant Officer, and Enlisted members, and validates the evaluations of all Reserve Officers to ensure compliance with applicable policy.
Reserve Assignment Branch (RPM-2)
handles all permanent change of station (PCS) assignments and Reserve 'A' School; and offers counseling to build and maintain a flexible, responsive Reserve Component while helping you make the most of your Coast Guard career.
  Reserve Personnel Services Branch (RPM-3)
perform SPO transactions for IRR/ISL/ASL transferring to and from SELRES. Maintain SPO PDRs for all IRR/ISL/ASL members. Discharge of IRR members. Program Manager for all Reserve VA Education Programs. Prepare and track Notices Of Eligibility (NOE) for Reserve members injured in the line of duty.


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