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Coast Guard Yellow Ribbon Program   
The Coast Guard YRP program promotes member readiness and resiliency by connecting members and families with timely information and resources throughout the reserve component deployment and reintegration cycle. Military Overseas Deployment stressors require a support network to meet the rigors of reserve deployment. The Coast Guard YRP program delivers key information specific to the deployment cycle and apprises members and families of changes to reserve benefits, policy and services. Typical YRP events include presentations on: Financial Planning, Legal Counseling, Healthcare, Education Benefits and much more.
Program Reference
In 2008, Congress mandated creation of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program for reserve members and their families. The Office of Secretary of Defense was directed to establish the program and provide Reserve members and their families with information throughout the deployment cycle. Public Law 110-181 (NDAA 2008) requires YRP events be held for Reserve members who deploy OCONUS under on contingency orders for a minimum of 90-days and their families (as listed in DEERS).
Program Mission, Vision, & Objective
Mission: Promote the well-being of Coast Guard and Reserve members, their families, and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout and beyond the deployment cycle.

Vision: A ready and resilient Coast Guard and Reserve Force that successfully navigates the challenges of deployment and reintegration.

Objective: Ensure the readiness and well-being of Coast Guard and Reserve Force Service members and their families during all phases of the military deployment cycle.

   Yellow Ribbon Program Cycle  
           Deployment Cycle           
  Knowing what to expect is the first step to ensuring readiness and resiliency. Understanding the deployment cycle and attending its corresponding events is an easy way to guarantee you’re in the loop on all the services available to you and your family and ensure your smooth transition through each phase. Starting with pre-deployment and ending with reintegration, the diagram above shows how each phase connects to form a sequence.

•Pre-Deployment – Timeframe:
(from first notification until deployment occurs)
•During Deployment – Timeframe:
(from departure until demobilization)
•Demobilization – Timeframe:
(from the unit’s arrival at the demobilization station to departure for its home station)
•Post–Deployment/Reconstitution – Timeframe:
(from arrival at home station to 180 days after arrival)
  Reintegration Phases  
  The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) is designed to apprise eligible Coast Guard Reserve members and families of services, programs, and resources, available before during and after military deployment.

The reintegration phases six (touch-points) within the deployment cycle are:
•During Deployment (family members)
•30-Day Post Deployment
•60-Day Post Deployment
•90-Day Post Deployment




Most Recent:  
At our annual Operational Services Division (OSD) sponsored joint working group meeting (FEB 2017), Program Managers, from: Navy Reserve (USNR), US Army Reserve (USAR), Army National Guard (ARNG), Air National Guard (ANG), Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR), Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR) and Air Force Reserve (USAFR) briefed their Service initiatives, accomplishments and challenges.

Areas for Improvement:
•Mental Health Services
•Child Resiliency Programs during YRRP events

Each of the Services continue to see an increase in program attendance and participation. Much of YRRP's current focus on single service members and child development programs.

The CG YRRP program continues to promote Joint YRRP Service events nationwide as they are encouraged by OSD.

Reserve Policy Board Report
GRSN Newsletter - 3rd Quarter 2016
GRSN Newsletter - 2nd Quarter 2016 
GRSN Newsletter - 3rd Quarter 2016

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