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Coast Guard Reserve: Headquarters

The Headquarters element serves as the authority to the Coast Guard Reserve in direction of policy, financial management and communications. It provides the Coast Guard with a Ready Reserve Force that embodies the competencies necessary to perform Maritime Homeland Security; Domestic and Expeditionary Support to National Defense; and Response to Domestic Disasters, both natural and man-made; and provides a staff of Full Time Support personnel to organize, administer, recruit, instruct, and train the Reserve Component.

Headquarters is comprised of the
Director of the Reserve (CG-13), Office of Reserve Affairs (CG-131), Reserve Policy & Plans Division (CG-1311), Reserve Programs Division (CG-1312), and the Reserve Communications Division (CG-1313).

Director of Reserve (CG-13)

CG-13 serves as the Director of the Coast Guard Reserve and the Commandant’s statutory advisor on Reserve affairs. CG-13 is responsible for preparation, justification, and execution of the operational and maintenance budgets for the Coast Guard Reserve. CG-13 is the director and functional manager of appropriations made for the Coast Guard Reserve in those areas and is the primary representative of the Coast Guard Reserve to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Reserve or Guard Components.