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“There is hereby created and established a United States Coast Guard Reserve (there in after referred to as the “Reserve”), the purpose of which is to provide a trained force of officers and men which, added to regular personnel of the Coast Guard, will be adequate to enable that service to perform such extraordinary duties as may be necessitated by emergency conditions." Coast Guard Auxiliary and Reserve Act Title II,  Section 201 Passed Feb. 19, 1941, by 77th Congress of the United States   

The Coast Guard Reserve is a flexible, responsive operational force that exists to support the Coast Guard roles of maritime homeland security, national defense (domestic and expeditionary), and domestic disaster operations.

The Coast Guard depends on the Reserve force to be always ready to mobilize with critical competencies in boat operations, contingency planning and response, expeditionary warfare, marine safety, port security, law enforcement and mission support.

Reservists obtain and maintain proficiency and readiness through a combination of training and augmentation. Commanders, commanding officers and officers-in-charge shall ensure Reservists under their authority receive appropriate training and augmentation opportunities and administrative support. By doing so, Reserve forces will achieve mobilization readiness, while providing increased capacity to the local command. Individual Reservists shall obtain and maintain the skills and personal readiness required to mobilize.

The Emblems of the Coast Guard Reserve

Seal of the Coast Guard Reserve
Seal of the Coast Guard Reserve
The Component seal of the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve, designed in 1991.

The crossed anchors supporting the shield are adapted from the United States Coast Guard’s symbol, and the colors dark blue, scarlet, and white are traditional with the organization. Gold is emblematic of achievement and excellence. The sword symbolizes defense and the organization’s military heritage. The motto Professionalism, Patriotism, Preparedness embodies the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve’s total mission to protect our national security. The round shape of the motto scroll alludes to a life preserver and represents the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve’s peacetime mission to help others.


    Logo of the Assistant Commandant for Reserve
Logo of the Assistant Commandant for Reserve, founded in 2019
The new logo for the Assistant Commandant for Reserve, founded in 2019

The logo for the Assistant Commandant for Reserve includes blue and orange seahorses representing the domestic and expeditionary port security mission which has been the cornerstone of Coast Guard Reserve operations since 1941. Between the seahorses is a shield, incorporated from the DCO logo representing the inherently operational nature of the Reserve Component. At the top of the shield is a laurel wreath celebrating the Reserve’s legacy of operational excellence. On the shield is a trident symbolizing Coast Guard Shore Forces, an oar symbolizing Coast Guard Boat Forces, and a Sword symbolizing Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces. Beneath the trident is a white structure spanning the shield representing the contributions of Mission Support in the sustainment of operations. The seven blue notches in the middle of the shield represent the seven Reserve Components outlined in United States Code including the Coast Guard Reserve Component. At the bottom of the shield is a globe and compass rose reflecting the reach of the Coast Guard Reserve. Inscribed on a ribbon between the seahorses is the following: "Pacem Seu Bella Paratum", or "In peace or war, always ready."



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