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Rear Admiral Bennett "Bud" Sparks

This award is named after RADM Bennett “Bud” Sparks, who championed the integration of reserve and active duty workforces to achieve overall unit readiness. The award is presented annually by the ROA to recognize the unit that is judged to be most supportive of an operationally ready Coast Guard Reserve force, as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve force during the previous fiscal year.

Category 1: Congratulations to Station Mayport

Throughout the year, Station Mayport reservists lead a charge of achieving augmentation status from the active duty component on duty weekends. Station Mayport reservists accounted for 1,689.8 hours underway in FY2018, an average of 103 hours per reservists, which is 57% above the required amount of 66 hours per year. In an effort to create a more well-rounded pool of law enforcement personnel, many of these hours were allocated to conducting joint operations with Sector Jacksonville Response Department personnel. In the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes IRMA and MARIA, six personnel from Station Mayport were deployed to St. Croix to assist with the physical security of the Coast Guard base and armory, where they conducted over 1,000 hours of security watches along with 400 hours of volunteering in the local community for the Red Cross. In November of 2017, an all reserve RB-M crew provided an additional Coast Guard presence during the 2018 Naval Air Station Jacksonville Air Show. Station Mayport has an exemplary composite Reserve readiness score of 99%.

Category 2: Congratulations to Sector New York

Sector New York continued to maximize Reserve Component (RC) proficiency though a robust program involving training, augmentation, and continuous readiness. Sector New York reserve personnel ensured safety and security during the 2017 and 2018 hurricane seasons when 51 reserve members mobilized to 14 different locations in support of vital hurricane response missions. Sector New York optimally positioned its 242 RC personnel to support various events within the complex area of responsibility. Sector New York reservists safeguarded millions of citizens and foreign nationals in nationally designated security events including Fleet Week, the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, New York City Marathon, 4th of July fireworks display, New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Times Square New Year's event. Of particular note, Sector New York's innovative augmentation efforts to support Fleet Week 2018 received the highest praise from senior officials within the Navy and Coast Guard. Reservists assigned to the Coast Guard Police Department (CGPD) were actively involved in the commencement of the 2018 New York City Marathon. The high-visibility race began on Sector New York's campus and CGPD were instrumental in providing security support for over 50,000 civilian visitors.

Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer

The Reserve Organization of America (ROA) annually presents the Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer Award to the Coast Guard Reserve junior officer judged to exemplify those characteristics expected of an outstanding junior officer during the past fiscal year.

Congratulations to LT Jeffrey R. Kemp, USN Coastal Riverine Squadron Ten (CRS-10)

While assigned to CRS-10, LT Kemp served as Alpha Company HQ and 1st Platoon Officer in Charge (OIC), Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO), and Eagle Company Officer for Task Group (TG) 68.6 while deployed to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti in the Horn of Africa (HOA). He worked closely with senior-level Djiboutian Navy and CG Officers, Embassy staff, and senior leaders from all five services. Under LT Kemp’s outstanding leadership, CRS-10 sourced more disparate missions in one year than any Reserve CRS in the history of the community, and accomplished the highest degree of program readiness of any Reserve CRS. During the deployment to the HOA, LT Kemp created eight new SOPs for TG 68.6 maritime security operations and improved standards for convoy operations required for maritime security missions and created 16 Pre-Planned Responses for maritime incidents for use in the Tactical Operations Center. LT Kemp actively volunteers for the American Red Cross as a licensed and certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Between his other duties during his deployment, LT Kemp completed his Master’s degree in Defense and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, qualified as a small boat engineer, finished his USN Expeditionary Warfare qualification, and earned the USN Small Craft Insignia. Additionally, he was recognized for being the first Coast Guard Reserve Officer to earn the USN’s Information Warfare Officer (IWO) qualification.

Admiral Russell R. Waesche

This award is named after Admiral Russell R. Waesche who, while serving as Commandant, established the Coast Guard Reserve to bolster readiness during World War II. The award is presented annually by the ROA in recognition of Districts, the Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) and Pacific Area-13 (PACAREA-13) for Port Security Units and Navy Coastal Riverine Force units that are judged to be most supportive of a totally integrated Coast Guard military force as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve Component during the previous fiscal year.

Category 1: Congratulations to the Ninth Coast Guard District

Maintaining the highest level of proficiency and readiness combined with a willingness to serve, the Ninth District reservists consistently contributed to critical operations both in the District and throughout the Coast Guard. During the exceptionally high op tempo Summerstock season, 29 members filled critical ADOS positions and assisted with 372 SAR cases and 2,351 vessel boardings accumulating over 5,000 underway hours while providing boat crews for five seasonal stations that could not operate without these dedicated Reservists. Reserve augmentation allowed for the execution of 42 Integrated Cross Border Maritime Law Enforcement to include the seizure of drugs and trafficking interdictions. During FY18, 22 reservists from D9 supported hurricane response and recovery operations.

Category 2: Congratulations to the Eighth Coast Guard District

Eighth District reservists from across Sectors, Stations, and Marine Safety Units provided much-needed flexibility to Active Duty mission execution. Performing more than 700 boardings, for example, while also providing essential safety and security response for more than 50 major marine events, reserve boat crews were vital to operations across the 26 states that comprise the District. Other major events such as the 2018 Superbowl were supported and facilitated by reserve personnel, from ME’s conducting Law Enforcement duties to reservists sustaining the Incident Management Team responsible for coordination. District Eight dedicated training time and instruction to facilitate competency development, enabling reserve members to conduct hundreds of vessel security boardings and shoreside patrols, respond to more than 30 pollution responses and investigations, execute hundreds of Regulated Facility Inspections, and more than 100 Port State Control Exams on a variety of vessel types. During a busy hurricane season, reservists filled essential operational and mission support positions within District Eight as well as Districts Five and Seven. District Eight’s reserve forces demonstrated the ability to seamlessly integrate with their Active Duty, Civilian, and Auxiliary counterparts in executing the operational missions of the Coast Guard.

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