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Office of Reserve Readiness, Resources and Analysis (CG-R8)

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                                  Office Chief
                                CAPT Scott Toves



Measures, Analysis, and Component Readiness Division (CG-R81)

The primary focus of this division is to provide oversight on Component level readiness. These metrics will go beyond the previos focus on administrative measures (e.g. medical, dental, etc.) to capture operational levels of readiness. The ability to measure readiness within program areas and by competency, tied to dwell and other mobilization restrictions, will provide a better sense of both current and predicted readiness based on planned deployments and current utilization of the Reserve.

Division Chief
  LCDR Kiley Hoppe


Resource Management Division (CG-R82)

This primary focus of this division is to manage funds appropriated in support of the Reserve Component. This includes the money used to pay for inactive and active duty training, the full-time support (FTS) program (RFRS billets), and other benefits and incentives. FTS program management occurs here, including the annual review of FTS requirements and the balancing of FTS resources towards Reserve Component readiness.

Division Chief
    CDR Brandi Bruno

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