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Reserve Policy & Plans - Reserve Training Opportunities
Class A & C Schools

Class "A" School

The recruit chooses their career path based on aptitude, physical abilities, security clearance, motivation and determination. The Class A School is the career path assigned when enlisted in the SELRES. All members may attend school to gain the competencies for their career path

Class "C School

Provide you with a competency code, or a skill required for advancement or the training to improve specific skills. Contact you unit ESO to enroll in a C School. You can check the status of your enrollment using Direct Access. Most course are filled on a on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders are issued at least 10 weeks prior to the course.

Class "C School iDashboard

CG Personnel can view Reserve Metrics from within the Coast Guard network.
- Login to CG Portal

- Connect to iDashboard from CG network

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E - Learning
  • More and more training courses are available online as the Coast Guard's e-learning opportunities increase. Many General Mandated Training courses are now available online.
  • Users will access e-learning courseware on a standard workstation through CGPortal in the training and education section.
  • For remote (home) access, personnel will need to log into CGPortal to utilize e-learning courseware. Reservists can access the CGPortal through remote (home) access via CAC reader.
Reserve Retirement Points for Correspondence Courses

In order to enhance the mobilization skills of Coast Guard Reservists and incentivize continued professional development in a multiagency environment, Reserve Retirement Points have been awarded to a number of Military and other government agency distance learning courses that directly support Maritime Homeland Security, National Defense, and Disaster Response and Recovery. Courses authorized for retirement points are listed in the Reserve Retirement Point Correspondence Course List.

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Foreign Language

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) has been providing foreign language training for the US Government since 1941 when Japanese-American Soldiers were first trained to become translators and interpreters in WWII. DLIFLC has transformed several times and today teaches 24 languages with courses lasting from 26 to 64 weeks, depending on the difficulty of the language. There are numerous useful web-based materials available to CG Reservists. Products can be ordered by going to

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