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Reserve Policy & Plans Division,
Commandant (CG-1311)

CG-1311 creates and executes the Reserve Program's strategic plans through policy and workforce management, monitoring progress and adjusting as needed.

CG-1311 regularly reviews proposed and effective statuses, DoD directives/instructions, and other regulatory guidance for USCGR impact. Proposes change to Coast Guard policy and executes new initiatives as required to support the Reserve workforce and the Coast Guard. Coordinates with manpower analysts to propose and validate workforce plans for accession, training, succession, and separation from the Reserve Component. Responsible for Reserve Program Administrator (RPA) succession planning and workforce policies.

Division Chief
CDR Thomas Gwilliam


Reserve Communications Division,
Commandant (CG-1313)

The Reserve Communications Division, CG-1313, is responsible for the Coast Guard Reserve's (CGR) strategic communications, mobilization resources, readiness and performance data and reports, and the Reservist magazine.

CG-1313 aligns CGR internal communications with CG strategic messaging and external stakeholders including DHS, Congress, and DoD. CG-1313 publishes the award-winning Reservist magazine and manages all CGR social media and digital communications. The division generates and manages Reserve readiness and performance data for internal and external reporting, manages the CGR National Reserve Awards program, and is responsible for Reserve mobilization resources necessary for the coordination of Reserve Title 10 and Title 14 recall authority through the Commandant on behalf of operational commands.

Division Chief
CDR Alexander Foos 

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Reserve Programs Division,
Commandant (CG-1312)

The Reserve Programs Division, CG-1312 serves as the primary resource manager for the Reserve Training (RT) appropriation, including Full Time Support (FTS) positions, Selected Reserve (SELRES) positions, and resource proposal submissions for Reserve Programs out-year budgets and strategic initiatives.

CG-1312 plans and executes an annual RT appropriation, develops/implements RT resource initiatives and internal controls, directs RT funds allocation and develops current and out-year budget requirements while monitoring RT spending for current and previous five years. CG-1312 also directs position management for SELRES and FTS active duty military & civilian positions, and evaluates and recommends FTS and SELRES billet allocations in alignment with appropriations law and Commandant's Reserve Program strategic priorities.

Division Chief
CDR Christa Heffelfinger


Command Staff:

ADM Karl L Schultz, USCG
Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard (CG-00)

RDML Matthew W. Sibley, USCGR
Director of Reserve and Military Personnel (CG-13)

CAPT William F. Csisar, USCG
Office Chief, Office of Reserve Affairs (CG-131)

The Reservist Magazine Staff:

Anastasia M. Devlin
Editor, The Reservist

Chris S. Rose
Art Director, Layout and Design

Reservist Magazine:
Reserve Communications Team:

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