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National Military Association Activities
Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1215.07)
  National Military Associations (NMA)
NMA support and promote the interests of our armed forces and military professionals. NMA include such organizations as the Fleet Reserve Association, the Non-Commissioned Officers Association, the Reserve Officers Association, and others that focus on military services and personnel. These groups work to increase awareness of our missions and foster strong and mutually beneficial relationships among government, industry, and civic leaders.
  Non-funded Reserve Participation
Reservists may voluntarily participate, in a personal capacity, in NMA activities. This includes serving as a board member, committee member, trustee, etc., in the management of NMA or non-federal entities.
Reserve orders (e.g. pay or non-pay) are not authorized and retirement points are not awarded in these instances.
  Retirement Points-Only Reserve Participation
Non-pay (retirement points only) orders may be granted to reservists attending NMA conferences, symposia or meetings as a means of conducting Reserve training—only when there is direct training value to the member & primary military duties and attendance will clearly enhance his or her value to the Coast Guard. The following requirements apply:
• Training segment must be at least four hours in duration
• A maximum of one point per day may be awarded
• Obtain prior approval from member command and district (dxr), PAC-13 or DOL-31

Retirement points are not awarded for periods of travel or for NMA conference activities that are not pre-approved for non-pay retirement point credit.
  Government Funded Reserve Participation
Active duty orders (e.g. ADOS-RC) with pay and allowances may be authorized for reservists to participate in NMA conferences, symposia or meetings if such participation directly supports a legitimate federal government purpose beyond professional development. Reservists may also be authorized travel at government expense. Official NMA participation includes Coast Guard
• Military award recipient
• Official speaker
• Invited presenter
• Flag Officer support staff
• Display booth staff
  Reserve Orders
Orders require prior approval from the member’s command and district (dxr), PAC-13 or DOL-31. Follow established procedures for obtaining pay or non-pay orders.
Reference (a) expressly applies to DoD elements and the Coast Guard at all times.
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