PSU 311 Ombudsman team awarded the 2018 RFRA

CPO Gould 2018 Reserve Enlisted Petty Officer of the Year

PO3 Herr "Crushed" the GTMO 500lbs challenge

PO2 Alther with the Mobile Support Unit (MSU) Baltimore

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  Provide, operationally capable and ready personnel to support Coast Guard surge and mobilization requirements in the Homeland and abroad.   
  The Coast Guard’s only dedicated surge force, the Reserve, is a contingency-based workforce trained locally and deployed globally to provide appropriately trained personnel to meet mission requirements within the prioritized focus areas of Defense Operations, Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security, Incident Response and Management, & Mission Support.   

Volume 61 Issue 1

Official Publication of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve



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