Policies, Manuals and Instructions

CG Reserve Policy Statement
The Commandant's Reserve Policy Statement.

Reserve Policy Manual - COMDTINST M1001.28D
This Instruction describes policies and procedures for the administration of military personnel of the Coast Guard Reserve based upon, and supplemental to, laws and regulations of higher authority.

Reserve Duty Status and Participation Manual - COMDTINST M1001.2
This Manual describes policies and procedures governing the duty statuses, component categories, and the participation standards of the Coast Guard Reserve.

Reserve Component (RC) Use of Electronic-Based Distributed Learning (EBDL) Methods for Training - COMDTINST 1500.7

This Instruction establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, prescribes procedures and establishes requirements for members of the Selected Reserve in the use of electronic-based distributed learning (EBDL) methods to conduct training away from scheduled unit training.

Full-Time Support (FTS) to the Coast Guard Reserve Component Commandant Instruction - COMDTINST 5320.3 
This instruction provides guidelines for employment of military and civilian personnel assigned to full-time support (FTS) positions funded by the Reserve Training (RT) Appropriation in support of the training and administration of the Reserve Component (RC).

Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS) Staff Element Responsibilities - COMDTINST 5320.4(A) 
This instruction documents the Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS) staff elements roles and responsibilities.

2020 Coast Guard Reserve Policy Board (CG RPB) _ final report

The Coast Guard Reserve Policy Board (CG RPB) conducted multiple meetings (on site and by teleconference) to consider, recommend, and report to the Secretary, Department of Homeland Security on Coast Guard Reserve policy matters, in accordance with 14 U.S.C. 703.