Office of Reserve Policy & Requirements Integration (CG-R5)

CG-R5 Seal

Office Chief

Captain Susana Lee

Component Policy and Strategic Communications (CG-R55)

This division is the development and management of Component-level policy. This includes things like activation, mobilization, and deployment policy; mission areas assigned to the Reserve; and the authorities granted to the Coast Guard in the law. It also includes the management of involuntary mobilization authority under Title 14 delegated annually from the Secretary of Homeland Security to the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

CGR internal communications with CG strategic messaging and external stakeholders including DHS, Congress, and DoD. CG-R5 publishes the award-winning Reservist magazine and manages all CGR social media and digital communications.

Reservist Magazine:

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Reserve Social Media:

NOV 17 - Coast Guard Social Media Personal Use Guidance

Division Chief
CDR Kathryn C. Coombs

Requirements and Integration Division (CG-R57)

The primary focus of this division is to determine the required size of the Reserve, the ability of the Coast Guard to produce the required number of reservists, and the risks associated with any differences between the two. This will be done by integrating contingency response requirements generated by the Area Commanders with the capability managers in the Assistant Commandant for Capabilities (CG-7). As the CG-R organization comes up to full operating capability, detached duty personnel answerable to CG-R will be placed inside the Office of Deployable Specialized Forces(CG-721), Office of Boat Forces (CG-731), Office of Shore Forces (CG-741) and the Office of Cyber Forces (CG-791).

Division Chief
CDR Kiley A. Tindol