CGR National Awards

Admiral Russell R. Waesche

This award is named after Admiral Russell R. Waesche who, while serving as Commandant, established the Coast Guard Reserve to bolster readiness during World War II. The award is presented to units that are judged to be most supportive of a totally integrated Coast Guard military force as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve Component during the previous fiscal year.

Category 1: Congratulations to the Fifth Coast Guard District

The Fifth Coast Guard District are recognized for providing invaluable services to Atlantic Area operations while simultaneously maintaining consistently high levels of readiness.  During FY2022, the District’s 591 Reserve members served in major ports and strategic facilities from New Jersey to North Carolina and mobilized to the Southwest Border to support DHS surge operations.  The dedication and expertise of their fully integrated Reserve force supported the Fifth District in meeting its operational and mission support mandates.

Closely integrated as a part of the total CG force, reservists were able to quickly respond and support Fifth District operations across a wide range of mission sets and geographic areas because of their superb training and operational planning at the field unit level.  In FY2022, reservists extended operational capabilities and served as a critical force multiplier, providing vital contingency support and augmentation roles during numerous major events to include Operation Allies Welcome, Operation Fried Shrimp and Grits, the 2022 Presidential State of the Union Address, other high-profile National Security Special Events, and multiple natural disasters.

The Fifth District expertly employed Reserve resource dollars and personnel to accomplish its full range of mission responsibilities in FY2022.  Each district unit continues to demonstrate its RC integration and prove its interoperability in support of all major events and given all the extraordinary achievement, support, and dedication, the Fifth District is truly a totally integrated CG military force.

Congratulations to the Fifth Coast Guard District!

Category 2: Congratulations to the Seventh Coast Guard District

The Seventh Coast Guard District hosts the second largest Reserve workforce in the Coast Guard with 719 reservists serving at five Sectors, 18 small boat stations, three Air Stations and two Marine Safety Units.  Through routine training and readiness and a multitude of contingency support efforts, the Seventh District reservists serve as a vital force in garrison whose notable efforts directly contributed to Operation Vigilant Sentry (OVS) and Hurricanes IAN and NICOLE.

OVS is an enhanced operational posture which requires surge staffing of active and reserve components to fill 208 CG positions in support of the Seventh District’s Area and Incident Commands.  The superior operational readiness of the Seventh District reservists was displayed as the call to action was answered within 72 hours of requested support.  Several qualified boat crewman, coxswains, and engineers activated to augment and support the early engagement in the OVS mission and the overall fortified support from the D7 RC directly resulted in the successful interdiction of over 2,000 migrants and has continued to increase to date.

In September 2022, Hurricane IAN made landfall as a devastating category five storm, with wind speeds in excess of 150 mph, causing massive destruction to the Fort Myers area.  In response to this storm, more than 1,000 CG men and women were mobilized with 38 aircraft, 15 cutters, and 40 flood response boats to save over 1,000 lives, restore the Marine Transportation System, and render assistance to thousands of residents and CG members assigned to the area.

Seventh District units, from small boat stations to District staff, have fully supported a totally integrated Reserve workforce by training for mobilization, performing operational missions, and standing ready to respond every day.

Congratulations to the Seventh Coast Guard District!

Rear Admiral Bennett "Bud" Sparks

This award is named after Rear Admiral Bennett “Bud” Sparks, who championed the integration of reserve and active duty workforces to achieve overall unit readiness. The award is presented to the unit that is judged to be most supportive of an operationally ready Coast Guard Reserve force, as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve force during the previous fiscal year.

Category 1: Congratulations to U.S. Coast Guard Sector Honolulu

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Honolulu are recognized for outstanding performance as a force multiplier during FY2022, seamlessly integrating into the Active Duty workforce and providing indispensable support. Their unwavering commitment to professionalism, operational readiness, and inclusivity is truly commendable.

Sector Honolulu Reserves rose to the challenge of a rapidly expanding operational environment and the significant Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) Red Hill Water Contamination Incident, undertaking multiple demanding positions to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected. When approximately 19,000 gallons of JP-5 fuel was spilled, contaminating drinking water and adversely affecting nearly 100,000 people, Sector Honolulu reservists were directly involved in the multi-agency response effort to develop and execute system-wide flushing and sampling plans. Their diligence was instrumental in the Hawaii Department of Health’s decision to amend the health advisory, deeming the water safe for human consumption.

Eight Sector Honolulu reservists augmented the contamination’s Incident Management Team (IMT) to fill essential leadership roles such as Incident Commander. Additionally, Sector Honolulu reservists manned a Personnel Support Team for the welfare of CG members and their families during the incident. As a result of their critical support and leadership, over 500 temporary lodging allowance claims were processed totaling over $4 million and 245 CG members and 581 dependents were able to safely return home.

Sector Honolulu is an exemplary unit that has prioritized the well-being and productivity of every reserve member. By including reservists in unit planning and operations, they were able to ensure that everyone was able to contribute their unique skills and expertise to multiple successful deployments and critical missions. Their commitment to a culture of collaboration and mutual support was instrumental in the overall strengthening of the organization.

Congratulations to U.S. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage!

Category 2: Congratulations to U.S. Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay are recognized for ongoing efforts to maximize its Reserve Component (RC) proficiency and involvements through training, augmentation, and readiness. The continuous integration of the RC into unit operations has been critical to their success across the full spectrum of CG missions throughout an AOR that encompasses three states, two FEMA regions and the fifth largest port complex in the nation.

With the RC regularly augmenting the Sector and integrating into the Active Duty structure, all-reserve duty sections operated independently for weekend and holiday support. These duty sections conducted 130 boardings, including 15 high-interest vessels, resulting in five voyage terminations and one arrest; completed 576 hours of pollution response duty including two pollution cases; completed approximately 1,100 underway hours while conducting 30 Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security (PWCS) patrols; and acted as primary response crews for 15 Search and Rescue (SAR) cases.

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate the national landscape in FY2022, creating new opportunities for the RC to prove its value. Sector Delaware Bay RC met the mission, mobilizing 33% of its crew (61 RC members). In total, reserve orders accounted for approximately 7,600 duty days in support of contingencies including COVID-19, Operations Allies Welcome and Vigilant Sentry, Enduring Overseas Missions, and Coast Guard Recruiting Command.

Congratulations to U.S. Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay!

Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer Award

The Reserve Organization of America (ROA) annually presents the Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer Award to the Coast Guard Reserve junior officer judged to exemplify those characteristics expected of an outstanding junior officer during the past fiscal year.

Congratulations to Lieutenant Douglas Schneider, U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center

LT Douglas Schneider excelled in his contributions to the Coast Guard through his leadership, performance of duties, public service, and dedication to lifelong learning.

LT Schneider led the planning and coordination for Fast Response Cutters (FRC) to transit from Florida to Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA). He provided increased medical capability by training the crews on required transit skill sets, and coordinated with the DoS, USN, and various stakeholders to meet strategic objectives and facilitate diplomatic engagements during the transit.

By identifying a shortfall in training quotas for CG Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), which would have resulted in decertification of a substantial portion of qualified technicians, LT Schneider worked with the EMT School Chief to develop, coordinate, and implement the CG's first virtual EMT recertification training. This afforded every expiring EMT certificate holder the opportunity to re-certify before expiration and earned LT Schneider an honorable mention for a CG Ingenuity Award.

Active in his community, LT Schneider served as a member of the Nansemond-Suffolk Volunteer Rescue Squad, the Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department, and dedicated five hours every Saturday to support a local Farmer’s Markey in the Portsmouth, VA.

In 2022, LT Schneider earned his fourth master's degree in Strategic Intelligence and his second doctoral degree in Homeland Security. His example and advocacy inspired many members to pursue their own education and degrees.

Congratulations, LT Schneider, on your selection as the Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer!

Reserve Outstanding Chief Warrant Officer Award

Presented to the Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer based on the member’s achievements and dedication to service during the past fiscal year.

There were no submissions for 2023.