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  Reserve Retirement Points (RRP) for EBDL Courses   

The latest update to the Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28C ,includes a major update to EBDL Policy located in Chapter 8, Section L. Please refer to COMDTINST M1001.28C for all official policy direction.

EBDL now falls into two categories:

1) Command Directed EBDL
Command directed EBDL is training that is required to be completed by SELRES members for purpose of accomplishing unit readiness and mobilization training requirements (i.e., competency, Class “C” school pre-work). These courses are eligible for both pay and inactive duty retirement points as long as all requirements outlined in Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28C, Section L are met.

2) Non-Command Directed EBDL
Non-Command directed EBDL is considered elective, and may be taken without command approval if already on the approved COMDT (CG-R5) course list. Elective EBDL is training not eligible for pay, but is eligible for inactive duty retirement points only. Non-Command directed Coast Guard EBDL courses are credited in accordance with CG Institute and Learning Management Systems (LMS) criteria.

Non-Coast Guard EBDL courses (Coast Guard courses are managed by the Coast Guard Institute) may be added to the approved list using the following form:
CG-1001A EBDL Course Approval Request, and following the guidelines in COMDTINST M1001.28C. The below flow charts can be used as a process guide for adding new courses: 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If a member is on ANY TYPE OF DUTY on the course completion date, then the member IS NOT entitled to EBDL credit even if the member was not on ANY TYPE OF DUTY during any other portion of the course. If the member is not on ANY TYPE OF DUTY on the course completion date, the member IS entitled to EBDL credit regardless whether the member was on ANY TYPE OF DUTY during any other portion of the course, including the entire period of the course but not on the course completion date. 

Command Directed Flow Chart (updated 28Dec16)

Elective Flow Chart (updated 28Dec16)

Course completions must be submitted by the members Servicing Personnel Office (SPO)

Entering-Removing Process Map for Yeoman to input courses into DA

EBDL courses that can be completed for both pay and/or inactive duty retirement points. Pay and/or inactive duty retirement points will be awarded based on the course completion date and the amount authorized by COMDT (CG-R5) on that date.

Please review:

-Chapter 8, Section L, of COMDTINST M1001.28C for EBDL retirement point credit restrictions.
-The school’s website for specific enrollment information, school websites are listed in the EBDL spreadsheet

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses now require a CAC card and an active uscg.mil email address, these courses may not be available to IRR and ASL members who are not actively drilling.



    Approved EBDL Course List(xls)      
   15 December 2020   
  Prior excel EBDL Course Lists   
   10 September 2020  
   06 August 2020  
   01 June 2020  
   01 April 2020  
This list is reviewed on a regular basis and is subject to change without notice.

The Inactive tab lists courses that are either no longer available from the provider, do not meet 4 hour minimum point requirement, or have been removed by CG-R.



LT Samantha Maxwell

LCDR Tracy M. Clere

Email: HQS-DG-LST-CG-R55@uscg.mil

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