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Enlisted Memorial at Tracen Cape May


  Deckplate Soundings  

I'm humbled and honored to be selected to serve as your seventh Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve (MCPO-CGR). I want to thank Adm. Paul F. Zukunft, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steve Cantrell and their leadership teams for advancing our great Coast Guard during their watch. Additionally, I want to thank Master Chief Eric Johnson for his leadership and stewardship of the Coast Guard Reserve. Master Chief Johnson, in particular, has made remarkable progress in the development of strong senior enlisted Reserve leaders, and I am committed to building on his successes.

I'm thrilled to work with our 26th commandant, Adm. Karl L. Schultz, vice commandant, Adm. Charlie Ray, and MCPOCG Jason Vanderhaden. They know and appreciate the value of Coast Guard Reserve members, especially after witnessing firsthand our contribution during the brutal 2017 hurricane season. Adm. Schultz has clearly stated that he and his leadership team will remain receptive to Reserve concerns and actively seek ways to improve. We will undoubtedly face future crises, and I am confident you will again answer the call to serve our Coast Guard and our nation. .

My position is uniquely situated to serve the commandant as a Reserve workforce expert, a trusted channel for workforce feedback and an advocate for positive change. The MCPO-CGR is a central node in the network of programs, offices and senior leadership positions that together determine the use and design of the Reserve Component. I have direct access to all Reserve leaders, both at the program level and in the field, including the senior reserve officer, RPA and gold badge networks. My goal is to leverage this network to bring concerns from the field directly to senior leadership and connect your important work with the commandant’s strategic priorities. I am confident my experiences over the last decade as a Gold Badge Command Master Chief will allow the deckplate view to be part of the strategic dialogue for the direction of our Reserve Component.

Unity of effort and complete alignment between the MCPOCG and the MCPO-CGR is critical. Together, along with other Active and Reserve senior leadership team members, we will serve the needs of our Coast Guard and our people.
As I begin this position, my immediate focus areas are:

            Total Force Requirements

After severe reductions in funding and billets between 2012 and 2015, the Reserve Component is poised for the greatest transformation since integration occurred in 1994. We must employ strategic planning measures to wisely invest resources to rebuild our Reserve.                        

            Reasonable Commuting Distance

We must continue to minimize travel burden and maximize return on investment in local communities. We must structure our Reserve workforce to align individual’s skillsets to geographic regions where we can train, recruit and maintain them. By returning to a model where reservists live and serve locally, the service will save money and likely increase retention rates.

            Increase Agility through Policy

The primary system to manage the Reserve Component routinely mirrors the structure of the Active Component. We must break away from cultural paradigms that limit our ability to most effectively manage the workforce.

            Build Leaders

I'm committed to building a corps of senior enlisted leaders who understand strategic goals, are knowledgeable of Reserve policy, and are able to leverage their networks to influence positive change. This includes Reserve-specific mentoring opportunities to develop the strategic thinkers and agents of change the Coast Guard Reserve Component needs. Effecting thoughtful and worthwhile change takes time. Guided by our Core Values, we will continue to hone a Reserve Component that remains Semper Paratus FOR today’s challenges, relevant for tomorrow’s threats and responsive to the needs of our nation.




  George Williamson 7th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve

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  About the MCPO-CGR  
  The was established to provide the Commandant with a personal advisor and assistant in matters affecting the enlisted members reserve of the Coast Guard, and their families. The MCPO-CGR is the most senior enlisted Reserve member of the Coast Guard. The normal tour of assignment is four years, which runs concurrently with the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

The MCPO-CGR must be a living example of the Coast Guard's core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Individuals who are selected to serve in this prestigious position must possess the highest standards of professionalism and personal integrity.






       •Assisting in the development of policy for managing the enlisted Reserve workforce of the Coast Guard

•Traveling to various units throughout the Coast Guard, addressing personnel on quality of life and personnel issues

•Formal testimonials before Congress

•Representing enlisted quality of life issues by speaking to various civilian and military committees and forums

•Representing the Coast Guard Reserve by accepting opportunities to speak at military, civic, and social functions

•Maintaining a strong relationship with service organizations and companies that support enlisted Reserve personnel issues

•Working closely with the Department of Defense senior enlisted counterparts

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Previous MCPOCG Reserve

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  • 1991-1994: MCPO Forrest W. Croom, USCGR (Ret)
  • 1994-1998: MCPO William C. Phillips, USCGR (Ret)
  • 1998-2003: MCPO George P. Ingraham, USCGR (Ret)
  • 2003-2010: MCPO Jeffrey D. Smith, USCGR (Ret)
  • 2010-2014: MCPO Mark H. Allen, USCGR (Ret)
  • 2014-2018; MCPO Eric L. Johnson, USCG (Ret)


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