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Part-Time Commitment — Lifetime of Benefits!


The Coast Guard Reserve is looking for individuals willing to make a part-time commitment for a lifetime of benefits. In addition to continuing your military career, you’ll get exceptional pay and benefits; Medical and dental benefits for you and your family; access to a wide-array of education benefits; as well as professional development opportunities for both your careers in and out of uniform!

Pay & Incentives

Reserve Pay -

Starting out, you will earn approximately $292.00 per month for each drill weekend. For example, a petty officer second class (E-5), with over four years of service, will earn $374.00 per month. When you serve on active duty, you will receive full active-duty benefits, in addition to full-time pay and basic allowance for housing.

Travel Opportunities -

A career in the Coast Guard Reserve is exciting. You may receive orders to travel and serve in new and exotic areas. Being a service member means you are also eligible to use DoD and Coast Guard morale programs including “Space-Available” travel on military flights.

Life Insurance -

You will receive the Service member’s Group Life Insurance plan, insuring you for $400,000 at a cost of $29.00/month. Dependents can receive coverage up to $100,000 for a small additional fee. jobs.


Professional Development

Training -

Receive top-notch training in a career field you choose. Upon successful completion of “A”-school, you will be eligible for additional training.

Retirement -

The Blended Retirement System is a 401-K based retirement through the Thrift Savings Plan. Your contributions will be matched up to 5%. Additionally, you may transfer this retirement benefit regardless if you reach 20 years of service.

Veteran Preference Points -

Many employers offer hiring incentive programs for veterans. Qualifying service may give you a competitive edge when applying for federal service jobs.

Security Clearance -

Based on your assignment, you will receive either a Secret or Top Secret clearance, which helps you become more marketable for other professional opportunities.



Montgomery GI BILL (MGIB) Selected Reserve -

The MGIB SELRES provides service members with financial assistance towards their education. The benefit provides up to 36 months of assistance at $384.00/month equaling up to $13,824.00 of educational support. To be eligible, you must successfully complete basic training and A-school.

Post 9/11 GI Bill -

After successfully completing 90 aggregate days of active duty (not for training), service members become eligible for 40% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, including a monthly Basic Allowance for Housing stipend, and financial support for tuition, books, and fees for up to 36 months .

Incentives & Loans - 

Your service may make you eligible for scholarships, loans, and incentives. Some states even offer assistance with tuition costs for service members and veterans.


Health Care

Personal -

As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, you are eligible to receive medical care through the TRICARE Reserve Select program. This medical insurance is competitive at a low-cost rate of $42.83 per month.

Family -

You and your dependents are eligible for family healthcare coverage. After registering your dependents, you and your family are covered with TRICARE at the significantly reduced rate of $218.01 per month.

Dental -

Service in the military offers dental coverage for you and your family. Premiums are low and are competitive rates compared to regular employer-sponsored plans.


For More Information

Michelle Naegeli
In Service Transfer Team (ISTT) Lead


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