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Leaving Active Duty...Consider CG Reserve - Relad Recruitment Video
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
May 25, 2021 | 3:31
Just because you’re transitioning out of the Coast Guard doesn’t mean your story has to end! Continue your part-time service as a member of the Coast Guard Reserve while expanding your own personal and professional horizons. Continue being involved with impactful missions, in your community and around the world.

Part-Time Commitment — Lifetime of Benefits!


The Coast Guard Reserve is looking for individuals willing to make a part-time commitment for a lifetime of benefits. In addition to continuing your military career, you’ll get exceptional pay and benefits; Medical and dental benefits for you and your family; access to a wide-array of education benefits; as well as professional development opportunities for both your careers in and out of uniform!

Montgomery GI BILL (MGIB) Selected Reserve - The MGIB SELRES provides service members with financial assistance towards their education. The benefit provides up to 36 months of educational support. To be eligible, you must successfully complete basic training and A-school.


Post 9/11 GI Bill - After successfully completing 90 aggregate days of active duty (not for training), service members become eligible for 40% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, including a monthly Basic Allowance for Housing stipend, and financial support for tuition, books, and fees for up to 36 months. 


Incentives & Loans -  Your service may make you eligible for scholarships, loans, and incentives. Some states even offer assistance with tuition costs for service members and veterans.

Reserve Pay - Starting out, you will earn approximately $292.00 per month for each drill weekend. For example, a petty officer second class (E-5), with over four years of service, will earn approximately $400.00 per month. When you serve on active duty, you will receive full active-duty benefits, in addition to full-time pay and basic allowance for housing.


Travel Opportunities - A career in the Coast Guard Reserve is exciting. You may receive orders to travel and serve in new and exotic areas. Being a service member means you are also eligible to use DoD and Coast Guard morale programs including “Space-Available” travel on military flights.


Life Insurance - You will receive the Service member’s Group Life Insurance plan, insuring you for $400,000 at a cost of $29.00/month. Dependents can receive coverage up to $100,000 for a small additional fee. 

Personal - As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, you are eligible to receive medical care through the TRICARE Reserve Select program. This medical insurance is competitive at a low-cost rate of $42.83 per month.

Family - You and your dependents are eligible for family healthcare coverage. After registering your dependents, you and your family are covered with TRICARE at the significantly reduced rate of $218.01 per month. 

Dental - Service in the military offers dental coverage for you and your family. Premiums are low and are competitive rates compared to regular employer-sponsored plans.

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Training - Receive top-notch training in a career field you choose. Upon successful completion of “A”-school, you will be eligible for additional training.

Retirement - The Blended Retirement System is a 401-K based retirement through the Thrift Savings Plan. Your contributions will be matched up to 5%. Additionally, you may transfer this retirement benefit regardless if you reach 20 years of service.

Veteran Preference Points - Many employers offer hiring incentive programs for veterans. Qualifying service may give you a competitive edge when applying for federal service jobs.

Security Clearance - Based on your assignment, you will receive either a Secret or Top Secret clearance, which helps you become more marketable for other professional opportunities.

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