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2021 Reserve Information/Action Bulletins


April 19, 2021 FY21 Scheduling Deadlines for ADT, IDT, RMP & ATPs - RIB 10-21

April 2, 2021 Reserve FlexPAL - RIB 14-20 

March 31, 2021 Virtual Mentoring Panel - COCOMS - RIB 09-21

March 31, 2021 Active Duty Volunteer Opportunities Now Posted at reserve.uscg.mil - RIB 07-21

March 31, 2021 ADOS Opportunity at CG-1B1 - RIB 08-21

March 24, 2021 Mandatory Updates to MILCONNECT  

February 19, 2021 Administrative Remarks, CG-3307, for SELRES ADT-AT Waivers - RIB 05-21

February 16, 2021 SELRES Bonus Process - RIB 04-21

February 5, 2021 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) For Reservists

February 5, 2021 2021 Coast Guard Reserve Policy Board Topic Solicitation

January 15, 2021  2020 Coast Guard Reserve National Awards Solicitation Deadline April 30, 2021



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About the Reserve

Leadership Workforce Resources Reservist media contact

Job Title: Project Manager – Intelligence Training, Qualification, and PQS

Rank/Grade: CDR/LCDR

Start/End Date: 15FEB21 - 13AUG21

Required Quals: TS/SCI Clearance

Desired Quals: INT10J, SEI11, SEI20

Description of Duties: Responsible for the roll-out and implementation of the updated CG Intelligence PQS to the CGIE.  Establishes project plans, training timeline, and qualification/designation rubrics, engages with CG-2 and CG Intelligence Leadership in instruction and implementation of PQS program and designees.  Works with CG-2, CGIE, and other intelligence partners in establishing an Intelligence Officer/Enlisted Qualification Program Instruction to allow Intelligence Units to administer qualification/PQS program.  Design and draft Insignia Qualification criteria, wear policy for institutionalizing across the service.  Supervise 1 Reserve member supporting implementation project.

Direct Access Request Number: 10008252-10001







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